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Monday, June 27, 2005

How does REAL feel like

Was touched by REAL yesternite. I truly knows now what is it within me to differeniate what is REAL, going to be REAL and UnREAL. The truth is nowhere to be found because no line actually exists between REAL and UnREAL. It has to be calibrated within self. Can't thank enough of my good luck that I made this discovery.

It's not easy to change things when there are so many factors influencing one another. Especially when we are talking about people here.

Denial of the fact that things has changed has become the single stupidest thing to believe in. No single Man has the ability to change the course of things to happen if there are no other forms of support from a "powerful" figure or body.

Is Power really everything? What drives Power? What is the end-result of holding this Power? Money? Control? No wonder people do what they do. May sounds like I'm giving a negative connotation here to Power, but that's not what I mean. C'mon, haven't you watched Spiderman?

Time doesn't and will not change how things are meant to be. This the REAL concept. It's the events that are happening to you along with Time that change how things are meant to be. If no one bothers to put the EFFORT to change the flow of events, what must happen will happen. And when they happen, it is not what we want usually. That's why destiny can be in or out of our hands.

Stop living in denial when you find the courage and strength to face REAL. It will definitely be better to sail on than be caught in the mist. No Pain, No gain, rite?



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