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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Walkabout in KL

This is in fact my 1st time to visit places, walk about and eat all the different (cheap n delicious) food in KL after visiting it for the 3rd time. Thanks to a colleague's relative who is willing to drive us around to have good food and shopping. I love bat kut teh. *drool*

There's a small Gundam model exhibition in Sungei Wang when I dropped by. My lucky day!

Went to the Petronas Twin Towers Sky Bridge. There's a long queue for the tickets usually and by early afternoon, all the tickets are gone for that same day. The tour up is pretty short, but there's nothing much to see actually. Just to get a birdeye view of the surrounding landscape. I can see my hotel from here too.

I'll have the chance to work in the towers if I'm posted here next time.
Think I will be back again next year for my course.

My colleague's cousin drove us up to Genting on one of the nights. It's cold and misty up there. No, I didn't make any extra money. I don't gamble usually, only on special occasions or with friends over mahjong. Chill out a bit at Starbucks after my colleague made a killing at the casino.

The Statue of Liberty on a motorcycle. Think lots of designers like to use the icon as a source of humor. Spoof?

And there's this "Qing Ren Qiao". Too bad, I'm a guy alone without any "Qing Ren" with me to stand on the bridge. The red lightings of the bridge does remind me of the photos I seen on the infamous Red Light District in Amsterdam. .There are many canals there and it is unmistakingly to notice where the red light district is with such explicit "signals" on the bridges over the canals..



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