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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Look Back on Wish List 2007

Looking back at my wish list for 2007, seems like I got quite a lot of them. Man, it means I'm spending lots of money too! But I think I've done great in controlling myself from buying models which are just decorative and I hardly have enough space for them.

This list serves as a 2007 checklist, as well as to announce what I want (in case you want to buy me some presents for whatever reasons).

  1. Rent OST Got it
  2. Moulin Rouge OST (this has been on the list for years!) Got it
  3. Namie Amuro Concert

  1. Star Wars Saga
  2. Matrix Trilogy
  3. Memento
  4. Transformers (all seasons) Got Season 1 to 4 and the cartoon movie. Think it is enough
  5. Macross UPDATE: Got Robotech and "Do you remember love"

  1. Harry Potter (1st four books and book 7!, the Bloombury's Children edition) UPDATE: I'm missing Goblet of Fire
  2. Slam Dunk Complete Edition (certain volumes only & the Box cover for the 1st book)
  3. Social Intelligence At last it arrived.

  1. Tissot Touch I'm thinking the new Hamilton Khaki Twilight as seen in I am Legend looks even better and cooler.
  2. Timex Expedition with Compass & Night light Got it
  3. Backpack Got it
  4. Teva Sandals Got it
  5. Casual Shoes Got my Ecco

  1. VF-1 Roy Fokker Skull Squadron Valkyrie
  2. One Piece Straw Hat Pirates
  3. Gundam Seed Destiny - Freedom (Not really important to get it now)
  4. Rei Ayanami (with proper resemblance)
  5. Vincent Valentino (with proper resemblance) Got it
  6. Tifa (with proper resemblance)



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