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Monday, October 03, 2005

A Weekend Dream -- Woke Up

It's about 3am in the morning. Just finish a dream. A dream about fantasies, legends and life philosophies. A few conclusions I made from this dream:

1) Humans are creatures that don't like to use their brains too much. They just like to find things to give it enough stimulation to keep the brains functional.

2) There should be a higher existence.

3) I can never find out what is my life all about. My dream reaffirms this. So come what may, as long as I'm still alive.

4) Relating to #3, I shouldn't be TOO bothered about what life really means, how it starts, when it ends, what's it purpose or what so ever. I can never find the right answer. So why bother...As long as I'm still myself and happy with it.

5) Hence from #4, appreciate the present moment. The good that are present.

The dream also reminds me of the sharing from a friend: When shit happens, I can feel bad about it. But there must be a deadline set for myself how long I choose to feel bad.



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