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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Travel Log - The Destination

Ok I need to get from Athens to Italy and then to Paris in 1 month time. (Haha this is not Amazing Race.)

"Oh man, sucks! There is no affordable and fast way to get from Greece to Italy" I was thinking to myself 3 days before I flew off from Singapore.
A ferry trip from Greece to Venice is the cheapest way but it takes , OMG, 20+ hrs. Not a very feasible way, I think.
Next option, budget air -- well no direct connections from Greece to Italy. And tickets are really expensive at such last minute.

This is it. All plans screwed!!
So next better option is to go for a shorter trip to Jordan, since my friend is so frantic about it.
"Hmm, Middle East... " I love to travel and see the World but it never cross my mind to visit Middle East countries.

So, we changed the bookings to Jordan, when to the library that night and grab some travel guides for Jordan, Israel and Egypt.
"Let's plan as we go along!" Yeah man, And we are set.

Morning Flight out of Singapore on 11 May 2006, 525am.



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