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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Neurons and Cubicle

All office workers should read this!

The debate on whether there are growth of new neurons in the brain or we are born with all our neurons has always been on-going. Some researches even state that neurons exist at other parts of out body, like the spinal cord, other than our brains.

The latest research says this:
in unstimulating, unenriched, stressful environments, the brain STOPS producing new neurons
The whole article in a nutshell says that previous tests were run on primates that were locked up and hence they showed no growth of neurons. For neurons to grow, there need to be a open, stimulating environment.

Now the best part is this. Contrary to an open environment, offices are usually divided into small cubicles. This actually inhibits growth of neurons! Look around you now or think back, how does your workstation look like? Small enclosed section?

This strip sums up everything:

So do you want more privacy or get smarter?



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