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Thursday, April 06, 2006

My Friend's Definition

I have a friend who listed down her criteria of "good friend". Those who don't make it on her checklist equates to a "good-bye".

Well, I consider her a friend, pretty good one too (yes Bren :P), and I was really curious to see how well I fare on her checklist. Hmm, in the end, I discovered that I had not met her conditions in so many than one way. Hah hah ha.

A true friend a is someone who:

  • is there for you in the dark moments of your life (I guess it's the other way round huh)
  • becomes your friend for the sole intention of being your friend (shit, I didn't get to know you because I wanted to be your friend. I was 'forced by circumstances'.)
  • respects you as a person (erm, I guess I barely make it here either. I am always laughing at what you have done and getting you to tell me "it's not funny ok")
  • accepts you for who you are (oh man, there's so many times I wish you are not like this)
  • respects your privacy (yeah, I put a tick for this, cos I couldn't care more for what you're doing)
  • respects your MOW (I violated your MOW a billion, zillion, gillion times Bren)
  • non energy draining (sorry man, I'm a sucker opps, or I shld use vampire)
  • non manipulative (hmm, I think this is a tick for me)
  • cares for you (sorry Bren, go die)
  • builds you up (at least I don't tear you down)
  • tells you the truth even though it hurts (yea, because it hurts. that's why)
  • does not back stab you (I guess I have not find the chance yet, hope i don't)
  • does not mock you with malice (ok, I dun do this. It's so not me. Ticked)
  • does not make you feel bad intentionally (I did. By laughing at you)
  • does not take you for granted (guess I don't. another tick)

I think these are asking too much, but it'll be good if a friend:

  • cares for you even when you don't see each other often (not so sure about this, seeing you too often in many spaces)
  • listens to your verbal diarrhoea (haha, yeah your forte, and my forte. so good match here)
  • non judgemental (sometimes it's difficult not to make judgements, but i do my best)
  • makes time for you (yeah, even when I'm asleep. I'm ok with it, Bren, since it is you and is better for me too.)

Seems like I don't score on the first list but better on the "good if" list. So where do I stand?

Nevertheless, she has always been a good sport and "entertaining" too. And this thing I find it amazing myself is that I realised I don't ever get cheeky with her, like the way I do with other female coaches, despite the fact she knows I am sometimes. Now, Bren, what have you done?

I know you take no shit. So this is not.

A special note to this friend,

thanks for your continuous encouragement ("all the best" almost everytime and jiayou) through my crisis and even offered to help. In many forms, you have been supporting me relentlessly, kicking my ass, knocking my head. So honorable of you to take in all my nonsense and complaints, allowing me to be a sucker, I mean, vampire. Appreciate you for standing by me in the dark hours. Thank your God for being here.

(P.S. all ambugities are intented.)



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