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Friday, April 14, 2006

Good Friday Good

It's been more than a month since I had the chance to go town, hang out with friends, or chill out.
March flew passed like a wind. It's definitely not a breeze but rather a hurricane, turning things upside down, creating havoc and punching all my survival buttons.
  1. Sleep disorder - working like 36 hrs non-stop in front of the com, working through the night, sleeping for a few hours for weeks.
  2. Meals - always at improper timings, eating like 1 meal a day, eating too much biscuits or junk food when working through the night
  3. Sick - Really hit on my health conditions cos of the above 2 reasons. A lot of time I felt a throbbing in the head, sometimes even a spinning head or headache. Felt very heaty.
  4. Developed teary, fluffy & red eyes with black eye rings.
  5. Emotionally disturbed by people around and expectations on self.
  6. Loss of memory and short term memory. Can't remember what I'm supposed to do, which day of the week is it, when I did what I did...
I'm really glad that my date with DII is finally over. It was hideous, disgusting and erm, @#$&^. But I really learn to push myself constantly and deal with the inner voice and discomfort. It was lonely. But thanks to my team members who sticked on together and friends who supported me morally.

Another thing that ended on the same day was the presentation for Virtual Capital. Although there were some hiccups, we put a good show and the efforts spent pulled us through. It is an exciting journey with you people and we still love City Hall and Sundays.
Waiting for 30th April to pop champagne! Toast to Virtual Capital!

And yes, Good Friday is good this year. ('',)
Invited by my friend for an outing at Sentosa. Had the sun and sea breeze. Even though the rain came, my new friends' spirits were not dampen at all. This is what I liked about them. Not wheeny-whining.

Had dinner with some of my real good friends later on, chilling out, chatting. Man, this is a dinner I was so looking forward to I can tell you guys. Thank you for all the catching up and the usual style of cross-firing and sharing. Missed it so much.

It is Good Friday. A day well spent.



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