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Tuesday, April 18, 2006


H2~kimi to ita hibi or The Days with You.

I'm not a sports fan and usually I would not read sports manga or watch such anime. I think they tend to be repetitive and sometimes the sports techniques they illustrated is unrealistic - "super-curler" ball etc.

This belief was once broken by Slam Dunk. Those who have read it before would know. H2 is the second one.

H2 ~ 君といた日々 is a dorama based on a manga on baseball. It is really a good one. Finished all of the 11 episodes within 3 days. A story of sports, sportsmanship, romance, friendship, comedy and passion. A very good mix of the essential elements of a popular drama.

Sports/ sportmanship: I learnt a bit more about baseball and learn to respect even more for people who shows sportsmanship. Really feel sad when the team lost the game, yes, that's how engaging the show is.

Romance: There's the love quadrangle ( a more-than-just-friends ambiguous relationship between the male lead (Hiro) and the 2nd female lead (Hikari) who has a boyfriend (Hideo) and the the female lead (Koga Haruka) who loves and supports Hiro. (Notice all their names have "H")
The last match is really touching when Koga Haruka still cheered for Hiro despite she knew about the "bet" and she might lose him to Hikari.

Friendship: A battle of the best friends, Hiro and Hideo. In love and baseball. Hiro is the ace starting pitcher while Hideo is one of the best hitter.

Comedy: there's not so much of comic relief but some scenes are real funny especially with clumsy Koga Haruka. She is so adorable. :-)

Passion: Of course. the dream for baseball and realising the dreams to have a battle of the best.

Incrediblily gripping, addicitive show. On top of the plot, there's the great OST coupled with it. Really love the theme song to the max.



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