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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Rhythm of the Night

Went for Burn The Floor premiere gala last night.

The array of dance styles through the approx. 2 hrs show is enough to dazzle me. Waltz, Hop, Rumba, Tango, Flamenco, ballroom, salsa, street... and many many more which I don't recognise.

Starting off strong with Rhythm of the Night. The song reminded me of the dance scene in the movie Moulin Rouge. The dancers came dancing and running down the aisle onto the stage. For a moment I wish I was seated nearer to the aisle so I can have a closer look. :P

The next song by the female vocalist (my, her voice is really superb with a great timbre and wide tonal range) in combination with the dance greatly serves the purpose of pumping up the heat. Fast-paced and loud dance moves, the crowd just get warmed up soon.

The Fantasy Waltz is up next. Very contrasting, this is soft and elegant. Skirts almost floor-sweeping with twirling of the couple across the stage, it creates a sea of blue. The whole dance seems to sing of their courtship, separation and reunion.

There's another dance which created a naughty mood (think Austin Powers). Dancers dressed colorfully and presented fun, humor. BTF called it "Jump and Jive".

I love the finale dance the most. I could feel the strong stage presence and the "high" of the dancers right from my seat. Tapping my foot and clapping along, I just feel I'm part of the dance movements, rhythm and music. Thumbs up for the co-ordination and choreography for this finale. :D
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The reason why I loved to watch such dances is because I loved to feel the sensual chemisty between the dancers. A lot of practising efforts and trust has been put in.

Secondly, I just love the smooth flowing movement of body curves. Dancing is one of the most natural and native way of presenting this art. Photos or paintings can't tells you everything about the beauty of the body curves because it is static, but dancing can. I think it's sensational, sexy and graceful at the same time.

Thirdly, I loved to see how the skirts just sweep and twirl with the leg and waist movements. I think it takes extreme skills to master the art of getting your skirts to beautifully flow in which ever direction you want it to go. Can you imagine the whole stage of 10+ dancers in a ballroom dance with flowing skirts and graceful movements? How majestic!

Took the chance later on to have autographs and take pictures.
They are Hayden Escobar and Sharna Burgess.

On the whole, the show is enjoyable and I just felt that it is a bit short (hmm, the dancers would really shacked out if it is 3hrs). The intermission actually breaks the momentum and when the show resumes with the ballroom dancing, it doesn't serves to engage me as much previously. But this is not a big issue with the singing and more "formation dancing" coming back shortly. The show ends on a high note with the finale. I have to say this again, I love the finale!



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