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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Cool Summer

I never expect that summer will be so cold - 23 deg C.

I could literally feel the icy wind piercing at my skin and face each time it blows. Otherwise, the temperature is pretty nice to walk around in.

It's foggy, so I can't see the Golden Gate Bridge yet...hope it clears up when I come back next week.

And SF is full of steep slopes, i think they are inclined at at least 30deg. Walking up slopes is no joke.

=) but I find SF a pleasant place to stay in after exploring it for 3 days. With mega bookstores, tons of DVDs, beautiful buildings, nice food and easy to get around.

I could spend one whole day at the Fisherman's Wharf, peeking into the different shops, watching the street performers, visiting Alcatraz, photographing the sea lions and Pier 39 which of course includes feasting upon the famous clam chowder and Dungeness crabs + other seafood.

The most interesting shops have to be the chocolate shops. The smell of cocoa fills the air and it really perks one up. They have chocolate fudge with peanut covered apple in caramel. It's sinful.

It feels good to take a walk. Just a walk.



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