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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Jordan - Petra by Night

My very first visit to this place was a night trail. And Petra is the most famous place in Jordan and it drew millions of visitors every year.

Petra is an old city with many monuments and tombs carved out from the face of rocks. It is impressive.

For those who remembered Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade, this is the place where it was shot. And the featured monument is "The Treasury". One of the first large building one will see after they walked through the Siq gorge.

And you bet I'm all full of anticipation to catch the sight of the Treasury after hearing and seeing it on the movies and pictures.

Petra by Night is a beautiful tour. Candelights that lit up the path along the gorge, dark sky filled with stars, a slightly chill wind blowing so that you dun even sweat a bit when trekking down the 1km route to the Treasury.

It's romantically beautiful, isn't it?

The candlelights create a look of softness on the rock and enhance their roundedness, making them look smoother than before. The walk in the Siq seems to go on and on and I can't wait for the famous turn which will bring me in view of the infamous Treasury. The dimly lit path sure adds on the mystery of the place and keeps my mind running imagery of how the view would be.

And as I walked on, I heard music floating in the air. Music from a pipe instrument. I know I'm near. I smiled to myself and quicken my pace.

And there it is, at the turn. My first glimpse of the Treasury through the small gap.

Of course, the beauty of the Treasury in full view. The orange light that bounces off the walls of the Treasury, illuminating it, giving it the unique red color.

Amazing monuments and I can't wait for daybreak so that I can explore the whole place.



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