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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Jordan - Pella

This is a place rarely touched by tourists. Free to walk around and take a good look at the plains and hills. This is my 1st trekking in Jordan.

The first interesting encounter here is the shepherd leading the goats home. There would be this goat with a bell tied around its neck, with the bell ringing away and this goat will stay at the end of the herd. I think this goat sort of chase the rest to move forward.

So it occurs that there must be farmers who live nearby. Indeed, we spot a family!

So, we paid a visit. Many children around and all of them looks so adorable. Gave them sweets, haha, a fast and easy way to make friends with children.

And if I remember correctly, the lady with the white scarf overhead is one pretty lady with rosy cheeks. Too bad, they can't take pictures.



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