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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Travel Ramblings

Travelling free and easy on a few weeks trip to a strange land sure made me understand myself better. Queer behaviors I displayed sometimes and I was functioning on a different mentality.

Upon returning, I think my brain somehow functions a bit differently too. Well, it could be I have hell too much fun that I did not exercise my brain enough. Interestingly, I find that I increased my span of lateral thinking... ...unconsciously. Now, I began to look at things from angles that were previously blinded to me. (actually thanks to you, Alvin, that night when you mentioned about exercising different muscle groups can stimulate perceptual thinking that I discovered, hey boy, yah this is happening to me after my trip.)

On top of that, it changed part of my core I call my Values as well as I learn where is my source to summon more courage to face who I really am as a person. A positive trait of behavior which used to work can turn against me.

Constant reflections about "My Life and my role in this world" along the journey brought me through a series of broad picture (marco) views and mirco views of how I could live this life. I fell in love with the freedom of exploring and excitement of discovering new places. I begin to enjoy so much freedom in travelling and I realised it has all to do with "few commitments" and "few worries" (or maybe it's not time to worry yet). I can be relax and thanks to all people who let me be free.

Contrary, when I recieved messages from friends, it feels great to be remembered. (You all know who you are, I appreciate them very much, arigato) Think I need acceptance or a position somewhere. It made me think that I'm selfish (I know someone dun like me to use this word on myself) at times just thinking too much about receiving and all I care is about going further and further and to venture to seemingly more "dangerous" places.

I loved the high mountains, gorges, underwater world and especially the desert. I met this German lady working in Egypt. She too love the desert - it's simplicity, peacefulness and quietness made her adore the desert, allows her to have a clear mind. I love the desert because of it's spanless stretch, calmness and the little, little lives that sprung from it. It made me understand how paradoxically insignificant and significant I can be at the same time. I'm inspired to visit Sahara, the world's largest desert.

My dream is still Mount Kilimanjaro, then on to see the nearby Lake Victoria. Maybe I won't have my chance to reach it's summit now but it seems like Africa is the "treasure land" I'm looking for.

On a lighter note, one thing about this trip that I can't keep my mind off is the young pretty ladies in Jordan and Israel. Jordan ladies have those bright sparkling eyes which I seldom find here. *Agony*
My conclusion is that 50% of the young Jordanian ladies have pretty faces. Don't believe, check it out yourself when the chance arrives!
So well, this trip changes and clarifies what I look out for in a life partner too. So Kloudiia, remind me to tell you my new considerations. :)



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