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Wednesday, June 07, 2006


By the time I reached Amman, it was already evening around 5pm, Jordan Time. All thanks to the 4 hours delay at Bahrain Aiport.

Being the Capital of Jordan, sure it is bustling with activities. Check in at a hotel and start looking around the neighbourhood for our dinner. Really wonder wat does these Jordanians have for their meals?

Reading the maps in the guidebook, poking our heads into alleys, walking up and down the streets, we found this little stall residing inside one of the streets.

And yes we had our 1st dinner here.
This is call Falafel (fee-la-fey). It is the most common snack in Jordan or maybe even Middle East countries. Cheapest also. It's like a Taro roll stuffed with french fries, tomatoes, cucumbers and deep-fried chick-peas balls and sprinkled with salt. It's taste ok, but after a few of it, I got quite sick of it too.

Then there's some other staple food like Fuul and Hummus. Fuul are just some boiled beans in olive oil while hummus is this cold bean paste with olive oil too. Both are ate with their bread - khubez. These are the simple Jordanian fare.



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