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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Super "Kambing" soup

"Kambing soup" is definitely common here. And I would say I quite love it especially when the weather is cold.

I had a special "Kambing soup" which I called the Super Kambing Soup at Amman on my last night there. Imagine the usual taste of your kambing soup (a little bit spicy and sour) and intensify that taste by 3 times. That's what I had at the restaurant in Amman. The taste, wow, marvelous. Exploding flavors in the mouth, come on, it's 3 times more 'powerful' than all the kambing soup you ever tasted here.

Later only I found out that yogurt was added. Frankly speaking, I got sick of the dish after more mouthfuls. The taste is just too strong and the soup is too thick, but the initial tasting is damn shiok.



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