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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Jerash - Temple of Artemis

Temple of Artemis

Temples of the Romans and Greeks are usually built on high grounds as they believed that would bring them closer to the Gods and Gods can hear them better.

Columns and pillars of temples are especially significant as they represent the communication tool that channelled the voices of the people on the ground to their Gods in the sky.

As I stand on the last flight of stairs, all I can see is the top of the columns of the Temple of Artemis. As one walked further up, as in the old days, people would say their prayers/wishes and raised their hands up towards the sky as if they are pillars of the Temple connecting from the ground to the sky, hoping that their words can reach the ears of the Gods.

Some other beautiful structures in Jerash.

The South Theatre
See the guy in blue right in the centre. That is the position where you can speak and your voice will be amplified throughout the whole theatre. This is a characteristic of all Roman theatres.

Oval Plaza

Temple of Zeus

This is the water point for people travelling along the cargo path in Jerash. So typical of Romans, to build fountains at their water source.



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