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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Celine Dion Part 1

The very reason I'm writing this post was because I was on the bus to work today when I heard her song (my favorite of all too) - "A New Day Has Come". I find this a wonderful coincidence because 1st, I was thinking about this song these few days as it quite suit my situation now. And secondly, I just watched her concert about 3 weeks back. Superbly, splendidly and beautifully done. I'll save the details for later.

Celine Dion is one of favorite singer. Just listen to that voice!!! So vocally powerful and the best part is she can hit a high note without irritating me or causing a pain to my ears. You know, some sopranos just make your hairs stand.

Her first song I heard, strictly speakly, is "Beauty and the Beast". Strictly speaking because I didn't notice who was the female singer then. But it was this song that allowed Celine to gain new popularity in the English music domain.

Her name only caught my attention many years later when she released "Because You Loved Me" and "Falling into You". That's when I started to do all the back-dating and search for her earlier songs. "Power of Love" is one good example. Another classical ballad.

In a twist of fate and by choice, the 1996 Olypmic song "Power of Dream" became an inspirational song to me.

Many other beautiful songs I enjoyed are "I'm your Angel", "Immortality", "To Love You More", "I drove all night", "If walls could talk", " That's the way it is", "I'm alive"

And......never to favourite....."A New Day Has Come". Released in 2002, after her child birth, the song sings about her son, love and a new lease in life.

It has 2 editons. A faster one...(I prefer this)

and a slower ballad style



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