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Sunday, August 06, 2006

New sights

After moving through 7 states in West and North Central America in a bus, I realised I'm a toad in the well looking up at the sky thinking the world is as beautiful as the sky with occasional clouds.

USA is indeed a country with many beautiful landscapes and nature. It caught me unaware. Bit by bit, I begin to understand why so many Chinese wanted so badly to migrate to America and refuse to move off from here. Not only it is a land of gold, it's weather at the Bay Area is simply nice for them (not too hot and cold all year round. But a bit too cold for me though even in summer). In addition, there are countless places to go sightseeing and interesting activities one can do in this really big country. It has a mix of highly urbanized cities with uniquely designed buildings and skyscrapers as well as vast land and greenery which gives you a good flavor of nature. Plus, state-of-the-art technology is also readily available. To me, it has the best of both worlds. I think to achieve these, it does help a lot if you are one of the world richest countries and superpowers.

After this bus tour (which I quite dread now because of long-time travelling, otherwise I enjoyed it tremendously), I have another dream. That is, to lie on the yellow grassland, with the mountains at the far horizon, bask in the warm sun and feel the cool wind blowing by. Just lazing there on a morning and look at the big blue sky and white clouds floating and shifting their shapes gently with the wind.

On this trip, one reallllly LUCKY sight I saw is a FULL rainbow. It's a clear sky and the land is flat, and hence I can see the beginning of a rainbow from one end on the ground to the other one which also ends on the ground!!! A big SEMICIRCLE!!! And guess what, when I say FULL, I mean it is a DOUBLE rainbow, with the reflection of the main rainbow, all 7 colors, faintly above the 1st semicircle. It is a rare and beautiful nature view.
I just made a tick on my mental checklist of wish-I-could-see nature view.



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