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Friday, April 06, 2007

Building a positive attitude

Many a times we say we must have the positive attitude. We say it comprises of open-mindedness, optimism, passion and respect. So I have been wondering what can help to define attitude or is there any one thing we can change or work on to create positive attitude?

I would say it is high self-esteem. Loving yourself and who you are would create the responsibility of taking care of your own well being. You will learn to take care of your own body and mind. You will desire to expand your own horizons.

You are confident of your character and capability to know that you will succeed in your life. You will keep your head above the water no matter what misfortunes or failures befall on you. You keep the spirit up. You look on the brighter side.

You will value yourself and know you are worthy of whatever riches in this world and work towards your dreams. You create the passion in your life.

It would be a pleasure for me to have a further discussion on this to develop this idea...

So meanwhile, I'll groom my self-esteem.



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