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Sunday, January 13, 2008

More Japanese film

As mentioned earlier, I watched the highly acclaimed japanese animation in the week. This weekend was filled with more Japan stuff. I bought 3 more Japanese movies, Hula Girls, Umizaru 1 & 2 and watched 2 of them.

Similarly, I missed the Hula Girls last year in the cinema. It's based on a true story that took place in 1965 in a small coal mining village in Japan. It talks about the breaking free of traditional thinking, going against your dearest family while fighting for your dreams and strong bondings between teacher and students. One word to sum it up - Touching.

Umizaru 2 was out the year before. I heard it was good and wanted to watch it but given my usual style, I hate to watch the Part 2 without watching Part1 1st. I'm the kind who can miss the ending but will choose not to watch a movie if I miss the beginning. I tried to search for the Part 1 and couldn't find it till yesterday at Page One where they have a VCD box set for both parts. I'm missing diving after watching.

I think I'm living a Japan weekend. I also had a Japanese dinner on saturday at Akashi. The sashimi here lives up to standard.

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