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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Year's Gift

I received a gift at the countdown party- a kiss ... ... from mother Nature. This is the consequence when fun went overboard.

I find it a bit of irony. I engaged in mountain trekking and was unscathed. Who will expect that I hurt myself back at a party. Really have to exert caution at all times.

Feeling crippled with the right hand down.
  • I can't exert too much strength with my right hand, eating using the chopsticks and spoon become quite painful now.
  • Holding a pen poses a little problem. Now my handwriting is even more illegible. Luckily typing still works as long as I'm careful on how I place my wrist. Yea, using the mouse is a bit more tiring as I have to hold my hand in mid-air to operate the mouse.
  • Bathing is as usual, refreshing and awakening. whoo...when the water flows through the wound. Haha, I can't be more alive than this. I can't scrub myself properly too with only one hand. Just feel like I'm applying soap and washing off the soap. Maybe have to put on cologne to mask off any smell.
  • Can't eat some food in case of infection. Chinese new year is one more month away!
Otherwise, I think I'm coping well with my better left hand. A different way of starting 2008. If everything happens for a purpose, I think it will be to learn to take better care of my body, health, mind and not to take things for granted.

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