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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Head Over Heels

Many events that caught us by surprise made us fell head over heels.

Well again, maybe not really many. Perhaps just a few. When was that for you?

Precisely, it made you fell, that's why you have the very reason to pick yourself up again and move forward. I guess the best part is when you look back at the thing that made you fell head over heels, you can smile at it knowingly and appreciate that it had made you went head over heels.

Seems like I'm talking about a difficult obstacle, a trip in life. Am I?

Ha ha, as the person I am, it's natural (NOT meaning to say I'm good ) for me to form perspectives about my or other people's experiences. Presenting multiple sides of coins to myself as well as to others.

Having multiple perspectives have unknowningly create self-awareness for me, but guess each of us have our own blind spot. :-P

The very reason why I writing this post is to say we can fall head over heels over someone. Yes, a crush! I can't beat this article. I found my blind spot and it creates a whole new paradigm.

So, when's the last time you fell head over heels? Have you learn to appreciate it?



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