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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

MPX 2 Trip (Day 1)

It's 4th Dec morning, 515am. I was feeling all sleepy but this was the day to Cambodia.

I could still remember the day started off very well. I got my cab immediately at 6am when i reached the main road. Not only this, the radio was playing my favorite song from Selena. Just when I was secretly counting my blessings, I got an even greater surprise. The next song is also by Selena and the next and the next. It's the Selena album! Wow, great for a long journey to the airport.

The hotel at Phnom Penh has no lifts. So it was a vertical marathon up the levels with all our heavy bags. Whew!

Visited the Genocide Museum. It was during the 1975 - 1979 when the Khmer Rouge killed 3 million fellow Cambodians, in the attempt to bring everyone to a common level. It was thought that the educated ones caused the difference between the rich and the poor.

These are the cells of the prisoners. very small. They were cuffed at the ankle and they were given one small box for their bodily waste.

I feel a sense of darkness when I saw the most gruesome display - a cabinet of skulls. This museum really serves as a reminder to the lessons to be learnt from history.



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