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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Celine Dion Part 2

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One of the highlights of my US trip is the show "A New Day... ...".

With no doubt, we have the powerhouse Celine Dion herself. Hearing and seeing her live is already a great experience for me.

The props and their use are just unexpected. Then there's the whole backdrop display generated by computer graphics which further satisfy your vision appeal.

Kudos to the dancers too. With their beautiful and graceful dance movements (I think they are really excellent as compared to other shows I have seen), they create the perfect picture and movie on stage to portray the emotions and feelings of the songs and their passion for the show.

I just feel teleported to another world enjoying the 1.5 hr with all my senses. It's a must see show and I would really love to watch it again.

Some trailers to watch here:

You have to see it before it's gone from Las Vegas! Hope the DVD will be out.



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