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Thursday, December 29, 2005

MPX 2 Trip (Day 2)

We had our breakfast at the Russian market and did some shopping before we set off for the village.

We were there around 3plus, i think. Before getting to our house, we went to the school and took a look at the half-built library.

When we reached the house, it was much better than I first expected it to be.

We had our 1st self-cooked dinner. Haha there's the over-cooked rice which was 'disguised' as Japanese sticky rice...

But after a long day, my hunger did get the better of me. in addition, I'm not really particular when it comes to food, i think i still ate quite a lot.

Have the opportunity to learn Khmer from the kids after dinner.
one - mui
two - bi
three - by
four - bwen
five - prang
six - prang-mui....
ten - dop
eleven - dop-mui...
Hello - suer serdae
bird - jub
dog - chee ka i
thank you - or-kun
I love you - kinom strawlan nyak

I feel that the kids here have a strong sense of pride and a fighting spirit just like a warrior. They are sensible as I mentioned and very likeable. But of course, Ming Sing is always the most adorable one!

Stay tuned to more pics of this super-cute 1 year old boy!



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