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Saturday, December 31, 2005

MPX 2 Trip (Day 3)

Today, 6th Dec, is our 1st day of construction.

The task we were assigned to do was to dig soil and use it to fill up the ground in the library. This was just a back-breaking task. I could still remember the achiness my back felt, 'oh' man! Fortunately the students was helping out. They were real experts at the digging. One shove of the chang-hoe, one large portion of soil in the basket. The hole we dug end up real deep, definitely more than my height!

Our work routine is quite relaxing actually. 8am - 11am & 2pm-5pm, with a 3hr lunch, volleyball, bridge, dai-dee, reading, clothes washing, napping ... ... in between.

When we came back home in the evening, the official playtime with the kids start. All I can say the kids really enjoyed our company. They were here every evening till they were supposed to go home to sleep. Without Fail! They are really 'Energizers', always jumping and running around, filling our front porch with their giggles and laughters and singing.

But I really enjoy myself every night. I would say 'what a great way to chill out after a day of work'.

Of course, the night would not just end with the kids all gone at 8plus 9. Bridge, dai-dee, murderer, other games and chat is the way to end the night.

The consolation for our backache - a back massage. Whew, it really really made me miss a friend of mine.
A few observations made and a few questions I had in mind:
  1. The girls at Cambodia are generally very shy, well at least to strangers. But they love to smile and they will just smile and look away everytime you look at them. Their shyness sometimes also makes me feel shy in return and stop thinking about looking twice at them.
  2. I wonder if the students and kids were being brief about how they should behave in front of us by their teachers and parents?
  3. What was on their mind when they were told to help us out with the construction?
  4. The last point. I should have realized this long ago. The one applying the anchor actually anchored himself back. Talking about conditioned-responding, haha. Case study on hand: Vivian blister incident with the Kelvin's kiss cure.



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