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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Ongoing Traffic

Once, someone told me I've got a ongoing traffic in my head. My thoughts never stop running and I think of too much things. It's true. Sometimes I even think why I can think about so many different things at one time and I think about why I think of that too. :P

Some people say this is smart, doing parallel thinking. I have to agree it does help me to see things from different perspectives which I often do unconsciously. Here's the tricky part, it is unconscious so the ideas are really abstract and I can't put them into words. I just know I have thought about it in my little wired hub. Secondly, I don't make conclusion and conclusion can be vital especially when I have to make decisions. This is getting a little complex here....and this is just a small peek to how the traffic in my brain is flowing every second. Intertwined thoughts like a ball of string messed up by a playful kitten.

In addition, my brain therefore find it a "bit" of a challenge to stay focus as the traffic roads are never one way. They are side roads and turns everywhere to bring me to anywhere. (I need to learn to concentrate for longer period of time)

I want things to be simple. Complexity is too much to handle.



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