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Friday, January 05, 2007

Christmas at Cambodia

Back to Cambodia with a bunch of "crazy fellows" from MPX2 (including myself) Really wild, all of us. Chic-ku-chic-ku-log-log. LOL

Went to Sihanouk Ville, the beach area. It's fun with banana boat. Gotta sabo by the boat driver, we all capsized and get wet, thrice! That's bad enough. Had a go on the jet ski...woohoo, full speed ahead!

Went to the village on Sunday evening. Did almost everything I set out to do here. Catch up with the kids, look at Ming Xing, watch sunrise/sunset, river fun, cooked a good meal and Christmas party.

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Mud war at the River

Ming Xing

Ming Xing!

And Ming Xing!!!
Yes, I'm bias. haha
More of the kids...



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