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Sunday, January 01, 2006

MPX 2 Trip (Day 4)

Day 2 of construction: Continue digging and carrying of the soil.

Today, we got a pleasant surprise from the students. They brought fruits for us. And another interesting event happen to Kelvin, haha, he got a fan club. Or else also called KFC. The school girls always gathered together and was giggling off everytime this particular girl walked off with Kelvin carrying the basket of soil.

Someone says that I bring myself down to the level of communication? Hmm, perhaps I was just focusing on this style of communication that's all. And the question I asked myself there and then, "Do I like this level of communication?" There's no definite yes-no.

One other question started bogging me on this afternoon.
"What's keeping one from interacting with one another and making new friends here?"
Is it
  1. Langauge? Maybe
  2. Background?
  3. Time? Cos we might just never meet again for the rest of our life. A friendship needs time to bulid commitment & trust. Not willing to face the parting later on.
  4. Shyness?
  5. What's in it for me?
  6. Easier and more comfortable to hang out with own peers?
I think I've come to this part of the world looking for my own answers to my own questions as well as to move away from negativity like betrayal, mistrust, misunderstanding... ...

One thing which went quite bad today. My sensory acuity and observational skills seems to have deproved. Am I that bad?



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