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Monday, January 02, 2006

MPX 2 Trip (Day 5)

A statement flashes through my head in the morning when we were on our way to the school.

"No one is better than the other person."

The villagers here have their own work, style of working and living, style of living. I don't supposed I can say I'm having a better life than them. I can only say I am given more choices for my life.

I would think who is better would be based on situations. However, sometimes there was never a chance this someone can display his talents. Perhaps there is just not enough time for everyone to outshine one another. I guess that's why we have to learn to grab hold of opportunities or even create opportunities for ourselves to shine. (but please no back-stabbing, there's a saying: "Be good to everyone on your way up because you never know who you're going to meet on your way down")

Things doesn't get sorted out easily because of changes in the environment. Alas, environment, being at the lowest level, constitutes causes that are highly uncontrollable.

The Phase 2 cook-team when marketing today. They bought fried spider. Had it with my lunch since we are running short on dishes. Hmm, it tastes like meat floss. The legs are quite crispy. Between the lower and upper half, I prefer the lower portion. I think those who ate them will agree. The after-taste for the head is just, erm... a bit weird. Will upload the photo here once I got them.

Update (28 Jan):

Update (28 Jan):
The best part of the day was the swim at the river after work. Lots of us were there - the kids, guys and gals from the team. Whew... we had our mud war! Haha, seems like most of the time, Amanda was the target.

Another thread of thought occurs tonight after looking at the kids and the team. If we do know how each and everyone will feel, will we still behave towards others in the same way? Are we talking about understanding and putting oneself into another person's shoes and to realize the highest positive intention behind the behavior? Probably what we need is not just only the highest positive intention, it have to include respect and concern for the individual.

Today, countless examples once again tell me that human being always yearn for a sense of belonging and acceptance. We need to feel useful and wanted and in this cause, you sometimes fight for the limelight and forget about how other people too have the same yearning as you do!



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