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Friday, January 06, 2006

MPX 2 Trip (Day 7)

Day 7 was our 1st weekend at Koh Krobey. And I was sick, shivering cold. I had absolutely no appetite and ate very little porridge. And I can only sleep and sleep and sleep, thus I miss the visit to the slums. Basically, I couldn't engage in any activities with the kids and that left me with one option other than sleeping. To have another look at all my team-mates. Haha, reframing. A pretty poor one in fact.

I think I downed a total of 5/6 panadols before I feel even better. That's my worst record.

I have to express my thanks here to many people who took care of me and those who sent their blessings.

Starting with my team-mates
  1. Vivian who kept the 3 of us company in the morning and took care of us. Ya, drink more water, I remember.
  2. And the other 2 ladies, Chui Jia and Yee Teng who helped and showed concern as well.
  3. Tedmond for cooking the porridge.

Also to my dear friends in Spore.
  1. Definitely have to thank you, Louise. Yah lady, lucky you offered me a thicker jacket on the last night. Think I could just go numb with the cold.
  2. Bernie for sending your get well wishes upon hearing I was sick. Could almost hear your voice through the sms.
  3. Pete for "How much better are you feeling?" msg and the hourly recovery messages to the collective consciousness.
  4. Ama, for your Intention. And asking how I was 2 days later.
Wonder how words got spread among you guys/gals.



  • At 1:23 AM, Blogger Enchanted One said…

    ai yo... i dunno u sick ... lei .. to think i received 5 same sms from u when i was having reading ... lol


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