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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

USA - Yosemite NP

This place is the place to go if you step into California and you are a nature lover. It's so beautiful and natural. It puts me at peace whenever I think about that place. The huge grey-washed rocks and white waterfalls against the clear blue sky, along with the greenery and gushing of water.

I did a few treks here up to have a closer view with the waterfalls. One such trek is the Vernal Falls trek. It's a fairly simple trek, started off with a gentle slope and is well covered with shade from the trees. From afar, one can see the waterfall pouring down over from the ends. This indeed motivate me to carry on the trek up. The tricky part is towards the end where the trek leads me to the side of the waterfall. It gets slippery and steeper at the same time. But with the cool water sprinkling over your face as you walk along, well, it's pretty refreshing.

At least there's water for Vernal Falls. A hike to the Yosemite Falls earlier one day was a disappointment. Someone turned off the tap for the waterfalls. Only a slow flow of water trinkled down. Yosemite Falls is suppposedly the grandiest of the falls in the park.



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