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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Life Cycle

I spent part of the Saturday afternoon, cosily in my bed, reading my 1st book of the year.

A point is made in the book which I think the writer describe it flawlessly using the Wizard of Oz analogy - Dorothy had the power to go back home right from the start she step foot onto the Land of Oz. Similarly, it reminded me of "The Alchemist".

I often have the thought that in the pursue of getting better and improving ourselves, we will end up in a circle to where we started off or return to the basics. Sometimes, it also means that we realise that what we are seeking is bringing us off tangent. Usually, after this cyclic journey, we are back to what we used to be, the difference being somehow we better understand what we are doing and who we are.

This phenomenon seems like a matter of fact or perhaps it's how nature course works. I have witnessed this in friends (some of you know I'm talking about you. I'm glad for you all finding your path) as well as in myself. When I realised this fact, it has changed my coaching philosophy and the way I want to connect to people.

I'm also glad that it has occurred in ways that reveal how people are really. Fundamentally, some people doesn't changed.

Things that I am puzzled about is why is it happening in such a fashion, is it always like that and are there ways not go through the cyclic journey and end up where we are supposed to be?
(I'm putting up a reminder here to ask Uncle Paiboon this question when he is back. I believe he has an answer or at least closer to the answer I'm seeking out)

It also shot the question at me. How well do we know our needs and wants - long term and short term?



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