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Monday, January 08, 2007

The Secret

After a week into 2007, I have decided to use the "hidden secret of thousands of years" to make some goal resolution. (some of you folks know what I mean) I know these goals ain't going to look SMART, so goal clarification. They don't come in any particular priority, except in the order they come to my head and how fast my hands can type.
  1. To attain a longer period of concentration ie learn to focus better.
  2. To have a better memory - long and short term.
  3. To improve social networking skills.
  4. To improve writing skill.
  5. To read more books than 2006.
  6. To improve technical capability in work so as to create more value.
  7. To take up toastmasters again. It's been a long wait for my CTM.
  8. To hold alcohol better.
  9. To earn more money (so as to spend more money).
  10. To practice coaching skills.
  11. To become NLP junkie once in a while. (damn, it is getting boring w/o the linguistic bombardment and mind-fucking session)
  12. To get into a desired relationship.
  13. To improve work efficiency.
  14. To have a structure of thoughts that can relate to others better. (No point only me knowing what I think about)
  15. To get healthier - which also entail less junk food and earlier bedtime. (ok...think I need to think about some exercise regime also)
  16. To go diving (Indonesia??)
  17. To go trekking (hey folks, when's that? I'm counting on you guys to organize)
  18. To go canoeing? (this is really tentative. It's been a year since we say let's go canoe)
  19. To get a new PC.
  20. To redecorate/furnish bedroom.
Ok, the goals are really getting a bit crappier. Goes to show I really need #1, I have to reel myself back when I started on #11. You know, when you are in the flow of thoughts you feel like to go on and on because it just feels good and mischievous doing so and I know it's a bit messy (that's what #14 is for, isn't it) :P

All right, to sign off...."Ask, Answer, Receive"



  • At 1:50 AM, Blogger Enchanted One said…

    Kaoz ! U should know by now you can't believe what we saw + heard 100% wholesale lol. I think you can ask Mark to do the canoeing thingy with you, somehow, I am getting more and more afraid of getting into water. Not sure why.

  • At 8:09 AM, Blogger whyzoner said…

    Haha, do you think I'm a kuku...LOL.
    You should have realised by now I'm just having a little fun given the way I write about some of my goals. Can't help it. I thought of writing this the very next day we saw the video.

  • At 12:11 AM, Blogger Enchanted One said…

    erm, You are never a kuku - way too smart + 精for it!


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