Sarabande - In Unison

Beautiful as the Melody, Paced out as Choreographed, Synchronized to the Beat... Fast or Slow, it's in Unison

Thursday, July 07, 2005

How far did I go?

It took me 40 minutes. I didn't started out wanting to do it. It is an impulse. When I completed it, it gave me aches all over. Not much sense of accomplishment and satisfaction anyway.

There is a reservoir near where I lived. Decided to work my body out. Maybe beef up my body, so that at least I can lend my sturdy shoulder to someone in need of one.

Halfway through the run, I thought, might as well go for the full round today.

As I saw my flat across the other bank, I know there is no turning back. So I pushed on. Wonder how many times in life we say that we are forced by circumstances or we allow ourselves to reach a point of no return and then finally decide "I have no choice. I've to carry on."

I think I could turn back if I could. The decision is still within me actually. Accept the consequences that is to say. "Choices have consequences", isn't it? I guess we should avoid going down a path so that in the end we can say...

"Hey, told u, didn't I? I'm wrong!" Irony. Moron. Doing things so that I can prove I'm wrong?

My old injuries start to come back. Timely. Knee pain, back pain, heart pain. Slowed down my pace, but I say let's move on. Know my limits well enough to push on. Saw an old man wih a broad smile running towards me. Dun know why he is smiling, wish I knew. Perhaps he knows where he is going.

We choose the end point in life ourselves. I could decide to choose a shorter distance. That would be my end point and I reached my outcome. But along the way, I changed my mind and so does the ending point. So where is your ending point? I bet it changed along the way. Did You decide the end point or someone else?

Upon completion, feels nothing great about it. I believe it is the many other areas of life I need to work on at the same, not only health, in order to feel really great.

A person needs to see the needs and wants of the different areas of life and work on them at the same time. Then, the outcomes from these areas will resonate within you and allow you to be in touch with your own satisfaction, longing and peace.

I respect the human spirit for passion, well-being, love and desire. Be in touch with your longing or it will just take longer to be in touch as you move on in life unaware.

There is abundance in this world. My projection is 29 for me to completely nurture my first spring of life.