Sarabande - In Unison

Beautiful as the Melody, Paced out as Choreographed, Synchronized to the Beat... Fast or Slow, it's in Unison

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Cool Summer

I never expect that summer will be so cold - 23 deg C.

I could literally feel the icy wind piercing at my skin and face each time it blows. Otherwise, the temperature is pretty nice to walk around in.

It's foggy, so I can't see the Golden Gate Bridge yet...hope it clears up when I come back next week.

And SF is full of steep slopes, i think they are inclined at at least 30deg. Walking up slopes is no joke.

=) but I find SF a pleasant place to stay in after exploring it for 3 days. With mega bookstores, tons of DVDs, beautiful buildings, nice food and easy to get around.

I could spend one whole day at the Fisherman's Wharf, peeking into the different shops, watching the street performers, visiting Alcatraz, photographing the sea lions and Pier 39 which of course includes feasting upon the famous clam chowder and Dungeness crabs + other seafood.

The most interesting shops have to be the chocolate shops. The smell of cocoa fills the air and it really perks one up. They have chocolate fudge with peanut covered apple in caramel. It's sinful.

It feels good to take a walk. Just a walk.


Friday, July 14, 2006

What went wrong? Me?

It seems to me I have been noticing this pattern among friends, friends of friends...more often lately.

And the pattern usually says "I thought I could do it, but now that I'm in it, I don't think I can."

I think as human beings, when we face with disturbances, real issues, challenges and whatever you call it, our confidence will dip and we begin to have mixed feelings. Some people decide to brave the storms while some decide to call it off.

At this point, I wonder if it is the lack of capability, support, self-confidence, self-understanding or control of emotions that cause us to wavier or is there something else? If right at the beginning we thought we really could, then I truly think that it could be done. Because, through time and events, we are understanding ourselves better (ok, i hope this is not an assumption). Then we get to know our limitations and flaws better, and doesn't this mean we get to have a bigger chance than before to overcome them? Hmm, am I wrong here?

I think it is just the same old thing. We are too lazy, comfortable and/or afraid to change.

So, I think we shouldn't blame it on the part of ourselves that is known as "Self-esteem". If you don't start loving yourself, it is difficult for others to love you too. If you don't have confidence in yourself, it is difficult for others to believe in you. I f you want to blame, maybe blame it on the part of you that wants comfort and certainty. Self-esteem is a part of us we should never deny or stop nuturing. Self-esteem is an essential ingredient that makes a person alive and moves on...

"Failure is an event, never a person" ~ William D. Brown


H2 revisit

This a H2 re-visit. I'm still missing it. The funny plot and conversations, their passion for their dreams & sports, the pursuit of love, the competition, Kawaii actresses.

And I have the whole video of the beautiful theme song here.

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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Woohoo, commencement

had my Commencement. Haha, real cool. And this is really the end of Uni...

Thank you fellow friends for making a trip down to support me!


Something About You - Corrinne May

I bought Corrinne May's 2nd album before her 1st. So it is till 2 weeks ago did i really have the good chance to catch her 1st album. It's just as good! Good melody, voice and meaningful lyrics.

My next "favorite Corrinne song" is Something About You.

Something About You
Written by Corrinne May Ying Foo
Copyright 1999, Corrmay Gourmet Music (ASCAP)

Don't know what you do to me but
Everytime I'm with you it's a natural high
It's like re-discovering Eden
with chocolate -coated rainbows and cotton candy skies
And everytime you look my way
I wish I had the guts to say

There's something in your eyes
Something in your smile
Something in the way you move me
You make me want to sing
Make me want to dance
Make me want to cry
I'm falling in love with you.

I think I'll hire Cupid
He'll make you see I'm more than your friend
You'll be tossing and turning
Counting the hours till you see me again
And when we meet you'll
Kiss my hand and say the words I've longed to hear

There's something in your eyes
Something in your smile
Something in the way you move me
You make me want to sing
Make me want to dance
Make me want to cry
I'm falling in love with you
You make me want to sing,
make me want to dance,
make me want to cry
I'm falling in love with you.

You can listen to her 2nd album for free at her website here.

Maybe you would enjoy the melody of Little Superhero Girl and meaningful lyrics of Let it Go, Free and Everything In It's Time.


Monday, July 10, 2006

Jordan - Wadi Rum

This is my closest experience with a desert so far. Living in it for a night and taking a trail. Short, yes it is, but I love the desert. (think I mentioned previously why)

Of course, I would still like to avoid the hot mid-sun. Enjoy the desert view, best done in the early morning and late evening. Enjoy the coolness, serenity and stars in the night.

The desert does have many interesting landscapes too. =)


Friday, July 07, 2006

Ayukawa Madoka

This is my favorite gal. Smart, quick-witted, talented, beautiful, cute, whimsical, devoted, considerate and helpful.

Who knows if such person does exist? Anyway I'm still looking for the vcd/dvd of the movie "Shin Kimagure Orange Road - Summer Beginning". Also, the soundtrack is great. Catch the main theme of the movie, "Kyosuke No.1".

(Perhaps because Madoka plays the piano that's why she appeals so much to me, haha. Indeed there is something about me for ladies who play the piano)

below is a video showing some funny and romantic moments in the anime series.

Lovely lady.


Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Jordan - Petra by Night

My very first visit to this place was a night trail. And Petra is the most famous place in Jordan and it drew millions of visitors every year.

Petra is an old city with many monuments and tombs carved out from the face of rocks. It is impressive.

For those who remembered Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade, this is the place where it was shot. And the featured monument is "The Treasury". One of the first large building one will see after they walked through the Siq gorge.

And you bet I'm all full of anticipation to catch the sight of the Treasury after hearing and seeing it on the movies and pictures.

Petra by Night is a beautiful tour. Candelights that lit up the path along the gorge, dark sky filled with stars, a slightly chill wind blowing so that you dun even sweat a bit when trekking down the 1km route to the Treasury.

It's romantically beautiful, isn't it?

The candlelights create a look of softness on the rock and enhance their roundedness, making them look smoother than before. The walk in the Siq seems to go on and on and I can't wait for the famous turn which will bring me in view of the infamous Treasury. The dimly lit path sure adds on the mystery of the place and keeps my mind running imagery of how the view would be.

And as I walked on, I heard music floating in the air. Music from a pipe instrument. I know I'm near. I smiled to myself and quicken my pace.

And there it is, at the turn. My first glimpse of the Treasury through the small gap.

Of course, the beauty of the Treasury in full view. The orange light that bounces off the walls of the Treasury, illuminating it, giving it the unique red color.

Amazing monuments and I can't wait for daybreak so that I can explore the whole place.