Sarabande - In Unison

Beautiful as the Melody, Paced out as Choreographed, Synchronized to the Beat... Fast or Slow, it's in Unison

Monday, April 24, 2006

Jolted the 1st time, 11 years of time can't erased.
Memories never intertwined, I was in regrets then.
Mistake or mistaken, All I never know.


What's left??

Give, Gave, Given.
All, some or nothing.

Lose, Lost, Loss.
All, some or nothing.

Go, Went, Gone.
All, some or nothing.


Saturday, April 22, 2006

Rhythm of the Night II

Got this from the Net. A short clip on BTF when they preview at J8. The music used was the same.


Rhythm of the Night

Went for Burn The Floor premiere gala last night.

The array of dance styles through the approx. 2 hrs show is enough to dazzle me. Waltz, Hop, Rumba, Tango, Flamenco, ballroom, salsa, street... and many many more which I don't recognise.

Starting off strong with Rhythm of the Night. The song reminded me of the dance scene in the movie Moulin Rouge. The dancers came dancing and running down the aisle onto the stage. For a moment I wish I was seated nearer to the aisle so I can have a closer look. :P

The next song by the female vocalist (my, her voice is really superb with a great timbre and wide tonal range) in combination with the dance greatly serves the purpose of pumping up the heat. Fast-paced and loud dance moves, the crowd just get warmed up soon.

The Fantasy Waltz is up next. Very contrasting, this is soft and elegant. Skirts almost floor-sweeping with twirling of the couple across the stage, it creates a sea of blue. The whole dance seems to sing of their courtship, separation and reunion.

There's another dance which created a naughty mood (think Austin Powers). Dancers dressed colorfully and presented fun, humor. BTF called it "Jump and Jive".

I love the finale dance the most. I could feel the strong stage presence and the "high" of the dancers right from my seat. Tapping my foot and clapping along, I just feel I'm part of the dance movements, rhythm and music. Thumbs up for the co-ordination and choreography for this finale. :D
(Pic from

The reason why I loved to watch such dances is because I loved to feel the sensual chemisty between the dancers. A lot of practising efforts and trust has been put in.

Secondly, I just love the smooth flowing movement of body curves. Dancing is one of the most natural and native way of presenting this art. Photos or paintings can't tells you everything about the beauty of the body curves because it is static, but dancing can. I think it's sensational, sexy and graceful at the same time.

Thirdly, I loved to see how the skirts just sweep and twirl with the leg and waist movements. I think it takes extreme skills to master the art of getting your skirts to beautifully flow in which ever direction you want it to go. Can you imagine the whole stage of 10+ dancers in a ballroom dance with flowing skirts and graceful movements? How majestic!

Took the chance later on to have autographs and take pictures.
They are Hayden Escobar and Sharna Burgess.

On the whole, the show is enjoyable and I just felt that it is a bit short (hmm, the dancers would really shacked out if it is 3hrs). The intermission actually breaks the momentum and when the show resumes with the ballroom dancing, it doesn't serves to engage me as much previously. But this is not a big issue with the singing and more "formation dancing" coming back shortly. The show ends on a high note with the finale. I have to say this again, I love the finale!


Neurons and Cubicle

All office workers should read this!

The debate on whether there are growth of new neurons in the brain or we are born with all our neurons has always been on-going. Some researches even state that neurons exist at other parts of out body, like the spinal cord, other than our brains.

The latest research says this:
in unstimulating, unenriched, stressful environments, the brain STOPS producing new neurons
The whole article in a nutshell says that previous tests were run on primates that were locked up and hence they showed no growth of neurons. For neurons to grow, there need to be a open, stimulating environment.

Now the best part is this. Contrary to an open environment, offices are usually divided into small cubicles. This actually inhibits growth of neurons! Look around you now or think back, how does your workstation look like? Small enclosed section?

This strip sums up everything:

So do you want more privacy or get smarter?


Friday, April 21, 2006

What else may come

I saw the beauty, but I cannot gaze at it.
I heard the laughter, but I cannot resonate with it.
I felt the love, but I cannot reach it.
I sensed the good will, but I cannot appreciate it.

I dreamt about the dreams, but I cannot grasp it.
I caught the rhythm, but I cannot synchronise with it.
I submerged in the music, but I cannot drown in it.
I heard the call, but I cannot run towards it.

Anxiety spreads, but it cannot hold me down.
Shock shook me, but it cannot throw me off.
Regrets arose, but I cannot grieve in them.
Disappointments flow in all the dearest, but I cannot wallow in it.

Churning of thoughts...What is it now? Life is never a standstill, tommorow lies in what we do today.


Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Incredible Machines

Saw this on Google video. really small gadgets but fascinating.

The end phrase is so catchy.

See which is your favorite sequence. I love the one with the winding woodpecker at the 11min as well as the colored marbles ones.


Tuesday, April 18, 2006


H2~kimi to ita hibi or The Days with You.

I'm not a sports fan and usually I would not read sports manga or watch such anime. I think they tend to be repetitive and sometimes the sports techniques they illustrated is unrealistic - "super-curler" ball etc.

This belief was once broken by Slam Dunk. Those who have read it before would know. H2 is the second one.

H2 ~ 君といた日々 is a dorama based on a manga on baseball. It is really a good one. Finished all of the 11 episodes within 3 days. A story of sports, sportsmanship, romance, friendship, comedy and passion. A very good mix of the essential elements of a popular drama.

Sports/ sportmanship: I learnt a bit more about baseball and learn to respect even more for people who shows sportsmanship. Really feel sad when the team lost the game, yes, that's how engaging the show is.

Romance: There's the love quadrangle ( a more-than-just-friends ambiguous relationship between the male lead (Hiro) and the 2nd female lead (Hikari) who has a boyfriend (Hideo) and the the female lead (Koga Haruka) who loves and supports Hiro. (Notice all their names have "H")
The last match is really touching when Koga Haruka still cheered for Hiro despite she knew about the "bet" and she might lose him to Hikari.

Friendship: A battle of the best friends, Hiro and Hideo. In love and baseball. Hiro is the ace starting pitcher while Hideo is one of the best hitter.

Comedy: there's not so much of comic relief but some scenes are real funny especially with clumsy Koga Haruka. She is so adorable. :-)

Passion: Of course. the dream for baseball and realising the dreams to have a battle of the best.

Incrediblily gripping, addicitive show. On top of the plot, there's the great OST coupled with it. Really love the theme song to the max.


[Over...] by K.

This is the theme song for H2~the days with you. Love this song after a few times hearing it even before watching H2. A good way of expressing this would be "I knew I love this song even before I hear it". haha, a bit of like the title of the Savage Garden song.

This song serves to keep me going in the late night at E5 com lab when rushing for my DII. Energy booster.

Real good lyrics too. Jus love it to the max.


Sunday, April 16, 2006


My fren, Bren met a cat recently under her block of flat. The cat is called Momo.

She is looking for an someone with a heart to keep the cat. You can read about the cat and her experience on her blog.

There are a few posts about Momo and her pics on the blog.

If anyone is interested, please let me know or leave her a message on her blog.


Saturday, April 15, 2006

Possibility Therapy

I was reading the first few pages of a book which I previously don't have time to read. These few paragraphs just jumped out at me because this is what I believe in as well about human and changes too. All should READ even if you are not interested in therapeutical works. It will tell you about how human we are actually.

I am concerned about this word positive. To me it smells like either that gung-ho, "You-can-do-anything-you-set-your-mind-to," school of sales/motivation training or a New-age Pollyanna view of life ("you can be wealthy if you write enough affirmations," and other such claptrap)

I don't like positive thinking because I think it minimizes the very real (you radical constructivists will excuse me for using that word) physical negative things that happen in the world and in the lives of the people with whom we work in therapy. I'm talking about things like rape, violence, poverty, malnutrition, job discrimination, and so forth. Positive thinking seems to me like putting gilding on the top of a pile of manure. It looks nice, but if you poke it very hard, you'll find the pleasantness does not go very deep. All the positive thinking, reframing, paradigm shifting or whatever doesn;t directly alter these difficult/ harmful conditions.

At the same time, I'm not voting for negative thinking either. Negative thinking holds that everything is manure and there's not much you or I or anyone can do to change that. People are "narcissistic" or "borderline" or "sociopathic" personalities and they will never change. This is not a recommended stance for a change-agent.

The possibility therapist recognises the seriousness of clients' situation without taking a minimizing or Pollyanna view. She/he also recognises the possibility that things won't change (the building will burn down), but works to be shift in the wind in clients' lives.

If you think you understand what the author is conveying, think or read again. If you don't, read again too.


Friday, April 14, 2006

Good Friday Good

It's been more than a month since I had the chance to go town, hang out with friends, or chill out.
March flew passed like a wind. It's definitely not a breeze but rather a hurricane, turning things upside down, creating havoc and punching all my survival buttons.
  1. Sleep disorder - working like 36 hrs non-stop in front of the com, working through the night, sleeping for a few hours for weeks.
  2. Meals - always at improper timings, eating like 1 meal a day, eating too much biscuits or junk food when working through the night
  3. Sick - Really hit on my health conditions cos of the above 2 reasons. A lot of time I felt a throbbing in the head, sometimes even a spinning head or headache. Felt very heaty.
  4. Developed teary, fluffy & red eyes with black eye rings.
  5. Emotionally disturbed by people around and expectations on self.
  6. Loss of memory and short term memory. Can't remember what I'm supposed to do, which day of the week is it, when I did what I did...
I'm really glad that my date with DII is finally over. It was hideous, disgusting and erm, @#$&^. But I really learn to push myself constantly and deal with the inner voice and discomfort. It was lonely. But thanks to my team members who sticked on together and friends who supported me morally.

Another thing that ended on the same day was the presentation for Virtual Capital. Although there were some hiccups, we put a good show and the efforts spent pulled us through. It is an exciting journey with you people and we still love City Hall and Sundays.
Waiting for 30th April to pop champagne! Toast to Virtual Capital!

And yes, Good Friday is good this year. ('',)
Invited by my friend for an outing at Sentosa. Had the sun and sea breeze. Even though the rain came, my new friends' spirits were not dampen at all. This is what I liked about them. Not wheeny-whining.

Had dinner with some of my real good friends later on, chilling out, chatting. Man, this is a dinner I was so looking forward to I can tell you guys. Thank you for all the catching up and the usual style of cross-firing and sharing. Missed it so much.

It is Good Friday. A day well spent.


Friday, April 07, 2006

My Friend's Definition Reply

Tsk Tsk, can't help it but shout holy shit.
So this is her reply.

Holy shit


Thursday, April 06, 2006

My Friend's Definition

I have a friend who listed down her criteria of "good friend". Those who don't make it on her checklist equates to a "good-bye".

Well, I consider her a friend, pretty good one too (yes Bren :P), and I was really curious to see how well I fare on her checklist. Hmm, in the end, I discovered that I had not met her conditions in so many than one way. Hah hah ha.

A true friend a is someone who:

  • is there for you in the dark moments of your life (I guess it's the other way round huh)
  • becomes your friend for the sole intention of being your friend (shit, I didn't get to know you because I wanted to be your friend. I was 'forced by circumstances'.)
  • respects you as a person (erm, I guess I barely make it here either. I am always laughing at what you have done and getting you to tell me "it's not funny ok")
  • accepts you for who you are (oh man, there's so many times I wish you are not like this)
  • respects your privacy (yeah, I put a tick for this, cos I couldn't care more for what you're doing)
  • respects your MOW (I violated your MOW a billion, zillion, gillion times Bren)
  • non energy draining (sorry man, I'm a sucker opps, or I shld use vampire)
  • non manipulative (hmm, I think this is a tick for me)
  • cares for you (sorry Bren, go die)
  • builds you up (at least I don't tear you down)
  • tells you the truth even though it hurts (yea, because it hurts. that's why)
  • does not back stab you (I guess I have not find the chance yet, hope i don't)
  • does not mock you with malice (ok, I dun do this. It's so not me. Ticked)
  • does not make you feel bad intentionally (I did. By laughing at you)
  • does not take you for granted (guess I don't. another tick)

I think these are asking too much, but it'll be good if a friend:

  • cares for you even when you don't see each other often (not so sure about this, seeing you too often in many spaces)
  • listens to your verbal diarrhoea (haha, yeah your forte, and my forte. so good match here)
  • non judgemental (sometimes it's difficult not to make judgements, but i do my best)
  • makes time for you (yeah, even when I'm asleep. I'm ok with it, Bren, since it is you and is better for me too.)

Seems like I don't score on the first list but better on the "good if" list. So where do I stand?

Nevertheless, she has always been a good sport and "entertaining" too. And this thing I find it amazing myself is that I realised I don't ever get cheeky with her, like the way I do with other female coaches, despite the fact she knows I am sometimes. Now, Bren, what have you done?

I know you take no shit. So this is not.

A special note to this friend,

thanks for your continuous encouragement ("all the best" almost everytime and jiayou) through my crisis and even offered to help. In many forms, you have been supporting me relentlessly, kicking my ass, knocking my head. So honorable of you to take in all my nonsense and complaints, allowing me to be a sucker, I mean, vampire. Appreciate you for standing by me in the dark hours. Thank your God for being here.

(P.S. all ambugities are intented.)


Saturday, April 01, 2006

1st April

1st April was remembered as April Fool's Day until I grew out of it many years back.

Anyway, this day is indeed unique to me and I always remember this date for 2 events that happened.

It was the death anniversary of the Hongkong artiste, Leslie Cheung. Still remember when I heard news about his suicide, I thought it was, yes, an April Fool's joke. But then, it wasn't funny at all. His action brought tears to his fans all around the world. Though I'm not really a fan of his, but nevertheless, I still admire him for his talents and charisma.

I remembered him for 2 reasons. One, he shared the same birthdate as me. Two, I love his canto-song, 追 (Chase) and he has one chinese song that I liked, 夜半歌聲 (u know, I dun really favour chinese songs).











我祈求星辰 月儿来作证