Sarabande - In Unison

Beautiful as the Melody, Paced out as Choreographed, Synchronized to the Beat... Fast or Slow, it's in Unison

Monday, August 15, 2005


My friend and I was having a chat and this topic came upon us


Occurs for people, events. Happens all the time. (just made one)

It is a way to let us keep our thinking less complicated, and make judgements (not sure if then they will be rite or wrong, but sure allows me to make quick decisions).

My friend said that Generalization made her have pre-mature closure and shut her off at times. Though we both agree Re-learning is important, but can't really blame us for moving too fast in thoughts. Time is precious, isn't it? Just spare a thought for others around us. ;-)

As I believe in the honor & dignity of human spirit, I treat individual as individual in each individual moment. People are constantly changing in character and thoughts each and little way every moment. How can I ever make use of one ruler to measure everything? I do get caught in my own act, using the same rules to size up matters or individual. But, that's why I love myself too for just being so human. I'm not some omnipotent guy. Chances are meant to be given to those who are truly willing to learn and grow. Hence, stronger and wiser I became and will become.

Still back to the same WORDS: Humans are emotional creatures who are stupidly seeking to make sense of the events and others around them. Behold the mystery of the World and human interactions and one can find everything presents itself with more than one face. Things can just be more wonderful because we have yet to reach the end of the our road.

(anyway, anyone can create their own road.)

(erm... then where is the end of road??????)

(Shhh, people won't want to know it now)

Sorry for the long summary, it just means 'generalizations are everywhere'!